Case Study - Asset Finance Solutions

Funding challenging credits and older plant, machinery & vehicles.

Case Study - Asset Finance Solutions

Our Solution

Some of our brokers completely understand the hard asset finance market and generally have many funders who are more than happy to assist their customers.

However when it comes to more challenging credits, older assets or where the customer has a high capital expenditure requirement they turn to us for help.

One such broker asked KAFL to get involved with his customer who needed to continue to invest in plant and vehicles to support his growing order book. The business whist very successful but was very highly geared and cash was tight. However following a joint visit with the broker KAFL was comfortable with how the business was being run, the knowledge and expertise of the Directors and the full order book. The company needed to invest in 2 x new excavators but only wanted to put down the VAT as deposit. To assist them with their cash flow KAFL took the VAT deposit and also a charge over an unencumbered piece of plant, the balance was then funded over a 60 month period on a Hire Purchase facility.

What they said

"As a franchisee of AFSUK we are quite spoilt and have a great variety of funders to choose from for our customers. That being said there are certain funders you do enjoy dealing with and KAFL is one of them. Local to us in the North West we have got to know the team at KAFL both on a business & social level. We always receive a first class service and know that we can pick up the phone and discuss ongoing deals with various team members, including the underwriter and MD Jonathan Smith."

Nigel Oakes / Director

Asset Finance Solutions