Case Study - Rhino Asset Finance

In addition to funding hard assets we will also consider the refinancing of assets to assist businesses raise additional funds for a variety of reasons.

Case Study - Rhino Asset Finance

Our Solution

Over the years we have refinanced a wide variety of assets that have a reasonable residual value.

One of our new brokers was asked by his customer if it was possible to fund equipment that was being shipped from Europe. To add further to complications there were stage payments involved which needed to be paid in euros, 10% on order and the balance prior to shipment.

The broker was going to dismiss the opportunity, but in conversation with KAFL we suggested that the monies could be raised on the customers existing plant in the UK, enabling them to pay the supplier as requested whilst maintaining full control.

The broker arranged an asset schedule to be sent to KAFL and upon a valuation we were able to offer a Sale and HP Back over 4 years to the company for the amount they required.

What they said

"I first got to know KAFL as a customer, when I took the decision to set up my own brokerage their Head of Sales got in touch and suggested a meeting. We were formally set up as a broker and have received a lot of advice since which has proved to be very useful. Rhino Asset Finance is now developing and successfully growing its business. KAFL have been very supportive and are always happy to discuss our proposals, giving quick decisions and recommendations, real pleasure to deal with!"

Billy Williams / Director

Rhino Asset Finance