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Larger Deal Sizes

We receive a wide variety of assets from various industry sectors; these assets vary in capital cost from £5,000 to £350,000

Some of you may not be aware that we do fund the larger deal sizes.

We consider HP, Finance Lease & Refinance on Proposals of multiple assets up to maximum of £350,000 (max of £150,000 on any one agreement).

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Showmen Finance

Kingsley Asset Finance Ltd are delighted to have played their part in assisting the Sedgwick family to secure the acquistion of the South & Central Piers in Blackpool. Many congratulations to the Sedgwicks.

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Proposals and Deals for 2015

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

We trust that you are having a busy start to the year; we certainly are for both asset and Professional Practice Loans proposals; see below examples of deals received and paid out!

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Soft Assets

At Kingsley Asset Finance we are continually reviewing how we can improve our services and encourage additional business from our Brokers.

For 2015 we are delighted to introduce our Soft Asset Product for our Own Book. We will now consider proposals from you for soft assets up to £25,000 over a max term of 3 years for Ltd Co's and LLP's that have traded over 12 months with supporting Personal Guarantee’s.

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