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At Kingsley we're really proud to announce the launch of our new Mental Health at Work Guide for all of our employees.


We feel passionately that Mental Health should be treated the same way as Physical Health. We have Physical Health First Aid in place in the office and sickness procedures for staff. But, until now, this never included Mental Health. 

With Mental Health being in the news a lot we want to help with the stigma breakdown and make Mental Health a normal conversation. 
Louise, from the Kingsley team, took part in a 2 day course this week and is now our fully trained Mental Health First Aider. She has been working for a couple of months to put together this guide which has now been distributed to all employees with full explanation.


We hope the staff will find comfort and support from the guide and it will be put to good use. 

Kingsley will also be doing some fundraising in the new year to help Mental Health charities as we really aim to end the stigma and discrimination that still surrounds mental health. 


You can find more information on mental health at