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Products And Services

Finance Lease

Leasing is a contract that allows the customer to use goods in return for the payment of fixed monthly lease rentals over a predetermined period up to 60 months.

At the end of the selected period, the goods can be retained by the customer by payment of an annual "peppercorn rental".

Lease rentals attract VAT, so leasing can provide a cash flow benefit as the VAT is spread over the term of the lease.

Lease rentals can usually be offset against taxable profits, thereby reducing the effective cost of leasing.

We would recommend that you speak with your accountant to get further clarity on the tax advantages to your company when you lease goods.


Refinancing allows you to use existing assets to raise additional capital. The assets can be either free from finance or subject to finance with another finance company (providing that  there is sufficient value in the goods). We will settle the other finance company first and then release any equity to you.

Refinance agreements can be provided on a Finance Lease or Hire Purchase agreement.

Some of the reasons to refinance may include:

  • Reduce existing monthly commitment
  • To reduce bank borrowing for example bank overdraft
  • Assist funding management buy ins/outs or purchase another business
  • Purchasing other equipment

Hire Purchase

Similar to leasing in that the customer has the use of the plant, equipment or vehicles throughout the selected term for a low initial outlay. However, following payment of all contracted instalments, the customer obtains title by payment of a nominal purchase option fee.

VAT is usually paid by the customer together with the deposit, and is normally recovered in the next VAT return. VAT is not charged on the instalments. Tax paying customers can normally claim tax relief by way of capital allowances.

Professional Practice Loans

Only available to first class credit risks such as accountants, solicitors and other professional practices such as the medical, dental and veterinary professions.

Loan periods range from 12 months to 3 years and are usually available to fund the purchase of items such as office equipment as well as disbursement funding, debtor funding, professional practice certificates, professional indemnity premiums, practice refurbishment, practice acquisitions and tax liabilities.

Cash Flow Finance Solutions

Cash Flow or Invoice Finance gives you access to the money that is owed to you by your customers – allowing you to draw funds against your sales before the invoices have actually been paid.

This product  is an excellent way to improve your cash flow providing extra working capital to help expand your business.

There are several different options available including Factoring and Invoice Discounting. Call today to find out which product would suit you and your business.

Commercial Mortgages & Re-Mortgages

Here at Kingsley Asset Finance we can help arrange the most competitive commercial mortgage or re-mortgage for any property type including:

  • Retail and Commercial units
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Professional practice premises
  • Hotels and licensed premises
  • Care Homes
  • Residential investment property
  • Commercial premises with living accomodation above